crit • i • cal: characterized by careful analysis

sys • tems: sets of facts, principles, or rules arranged in an orderly form to show a logical plan linking the various parts

In an emergency situation, it is imperative that orderly plans

are in place to maximize the opportunity for a positive outcome.

There had to be a better way…

Founded in 2002 Critical Systems was formed with a clear vision that still remains today: bring to market an enterprise-class fire alarm life safety and building security solution provider that would provide property management companies and building owners premier service, installation, inspections and enhanced building safety tools to make their facility safer.

We brought together a team of industry experts, combining years of collective knowledge to meet the needs of any client request. And in late 2009, Critical Systems delivered the market’s first cloud computing based inspection technology powered by InspectionOPS. The technology allows our inspection teams to create the most comprehensive inspection report in the world. The TOTALREPORT® Learn More »

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A leader in commercial building life safety and security…

Critical Systems is now ranked as an industry leader by Property Management Companies and Building Owners. We are a full service Fire Alarm Life Safety and Building Security Company providing Fire Alarm, Fire Suppression, Fire Extinguishers, Access Control, CCTV, Gas Detection, Mass Notification, Sound Masking, White Noise, Paging, Background Music, Voice & Data, Intercom and Security Systems Design, Consulting, Sales, Service, Inspections and Installation.