Communications and Mass Notification Systems

Getting The Right Message To The Right People At The Right Time

Mass Notification Systems (a.k.a. Emergency Communication Systems) provide real-time information to all building occupants or personnel in the immediate vicinity of a building during emergency situations.

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Reliability and Survivability Outperform the Rest

The strength of the Gamewell-FCI E3 Series®, Expandable Emergency Evacuation system offered by Critical Systems is its ability to communicate real-time information that directs people to take the appropriate actions in the ever-changing conditions of an emergency situation. Its intuitive technology allows users to provide reliable updated instructions as the event unfolds.

Survivability of your communication system is crucial in any emergency situation. Because the E3 Series uses distributed communication control, and not centralized, it is the most survivable emergency communication system in the event of a catastrophic situation.

Distributed messaging and true peer-to-peer exchange of data packets ensures that each segment of the system operates independently, even if the other segments have been damaged in a crisis event. The E3 Series is designed to survive virtually any emergency situation. Style 7 wiring configuration provides complete supervision while back-up amplifiers offer uninterrupted messaging.

The E3 Mass Notification and Emergency Communications Systems broadcast live, up-to-the minute emergency information to everyone in a building, campus, or multiple facilities spread across a city, state, even the globe, to help prevent injuries and save lives.