Fire Suppression and Special Hazard Systems

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If protecting your most important asset and business data are important to you, we will help you make the Logical Choice™…

Critical Systems has installed fire suppression systems in some of Atlanta’s most high risk facilities, including those for the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations Data Center (INPO). The system is comprised of state-of-the-art fire detection sensors and rapid response FM200 agent to extinguish a fire in less than 10 seconds. The system is interfaced with the building’s fire alarm and emergency evacuation systems.

Critical Systems provides consulting, design, engineering, installation, and service for any size Fire Suppression System. We offer SEVO Systems  non-proprietary detection and extinguishing products that will allow you to have options throughout the life cycle of your system.  At Critical Systems, we believe you should be able to make the Logical Choice™…

Committed to Protecting Your Valued Assets

As a leader in the fire protection industry SEVO Systems  has brought to market many innovative products and extinguishing system design techniques for meeting the most difficult fire protection challenges. We understand the challenges inherent in a competitive business environment. Companies cannot afford the major interruption to its operations and financial repercussions that a fire, even a small one, can cause. Your ability to prevent or recover from a business disruption is critical and depends on selecting the best fire protection system and agent.

Our Systems

From small electronic facilities to the largest industrial processing plants, we have a system that meets the requirements of any high value asset environment.