Sound Masking – White Noise Systems

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To keep your business or clients’ personal information confidential and protected from Identity theft, we will help you make the Logical Choice™…

Critical Systems has installed sound masking and white noise systems systems for Fortune 500 Companies in Atlanta who want to keep private information private and meet the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Sound masking works because it changes the ’dynamic range’ of sound in an environment. Typically, the dynamic range in most environments is large, meaning that there is a great degree of difference between the lowest, or ambient, sound level and the highest levels of sound, when people are actively speaking and working. Offices are perceived as noisy precisely because of this large dynamic range. Here, the higher decibel (dB) sound of normal speech is easily heard in a backdrop of a lower, ambient background sound (dB level). Sound masking works by subtlety raising the ambient background sound level, thereby reducing sound’s dynamic range. This effectively “masks” unwanted noise, makes speech unintelligible (creating privacy), and makes the work environment acoustically comfortable.

To ensure speech privacy, it is essential that the masking system’s sound be balanced with the surrounding architecture (walls and partitions) and sound-absorbing furnishings (acoustical panels and ceiling tiles), to consistently produce a comfortable, uniform masking level. ASTM standards exist for speech privacy and the Critical Systems product line has been proven by independent engineers to meet or exceed these standards. Our systems are backed by a 10 year warranty.